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Make Sure Your Pets Are Warm & Safe (Health Information)

The Animal Control Program of the Guilford County Department of Public Health would like to remind all residents that cold temperatures and winter precipitation can be dangerous for pets that live outdoors. Outdoor pets should be brought indoors if possible or at least have appropriate housing to shelter them from freezing temperatures, snow, sleet or freezing rain.  If your pets must stay outdoors, please prepare their houses or shelters with cedar shavings or blankets.  Your pet’s core temperature needs to remain at a normal animal temperature so that it does not run the risk of freezing to death. Smaller dogs and cats run the highest risk of hypothermia and death.  Also, make sure outdoor pets have access to food and water that are not frozen.
Please be kind to your furry companions and pets.  Make sure that they have adequate housing, food and water during freezing temperatures and winter precipitation.
For more information, call the Guilford County Department of Public Health at

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