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11/19/09 – The Guilford County GIS Department will be participating in the 2009 “Career Exploration Fair 2009: Your connection 2 the Future – An Interactive Experience” being sponsored by the Guilford County School System. The event will be at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center on November 19 from 4pm – 7:30 pm.

11/6/09 – Elections related layers are now included in the GIS Data Viewer. These layers include Polling Places, Voting Precincts, US Congressional Districts, NC Senate Districts, NC House of Representatives Districts, County Commissioner and School Board Districts, and Superior Court Districts.

To view the layers users will need to navigate to the “Layers” tab, open the “Elected Representation” folder and click in the boxes beside the layers they wish to view. The next step is to click the “Refresh Map” button and the then layers will appear. After the layers are visible information can be retrieved by using the “i” tool on the applications toolbar.

election layers

10/1/09 – The Register of Deeds website can now directly spawn a session of the GIS Data Viewer. This feature is available on the Grantor-Grantee Index Display and on a document’s Detail Screen. Clicking on the GIS links on either of these locations will open a GIS Data Viewer session and zoom to the parcel in question.

spawn gis viewer from Register of Deeds

spawn gis viewer from Register of Deeds

8/18/2009 – The ParcelSync product has gone live in the Tax Department. The ParcelSync product is an application that will assist Tax personnel in processing real estate documents into the County Tax Land Records/Computer-Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system.

This implemented is the first phase of the NC Property Tax System project. This project, which represents a complete replacement of all of the Tax Department systems, encompasses several different software products and process changes. The anticipated completion date of the project is 4th quarter 2010.

5/18/09 -The Guilford County GIS Department's entry into the Public Technology Institute 2008-2009 Technology Solutions Competition has received a Special Achievement Award for the Automating Field Data Collection Workflow for the Water Quality Group project.

4/3/09 - With assistance from the Web Applications group, the GIS Departmental Homepage was relaunched.

4/3/09 - Please note that updates to the GIS Data Viewer will generally occur on Thursday and Friday evenings from 5:30-6:00 PM. Major updates that will impact the viewer for longer periods of time will be announced on the GIS DV welcome page as warranted.

3/20/09 - Congratulations to GIS Department employees Eric Funderburk, Kenneth Hawkins, Garcia Chavis and Curtis Short! They have all received the GISP designation from the GIS Certification Institute (www.gisci.org). This is a professional certification that testifies to their experience in the field of GIS and related technologies.


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