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2007 Accomplishments
2008 Accomplishments

The Guilford County GIS Department performs tasks within the following categories:

GIS System Administration: The County operates an enterprise Geographic Information System that is accessible by well over 100 users. This system requires a continually coordinated effort to update. GIS staff members perform those tasks, work in conjunction with other departments, and IS staff to continually review, coordinate and integrate map updates into the enterprise GIS.

Data Maintenance: GIS Department staff actively edits approximately 40 map layers. These layers include the street centerline related layers to City Limit layers to Land Use and Zoning layers. Staff also provides ongoing GPS data compilation and post processing services for numerous departments.

Data Development: Staff members are also directly involved in developing data sets for both internal and external entities. Within the last year, this involvement has included the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) and the Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) projects from the Census Bureau. GIS Staff also created unique data layers in support of the Sheriff Department’s Spillman Geobase and Pin Mapping subsystems. Another project we are currently involved with is the adjustment of over 200,000 property line dimensions.

Map Products: One of the most recognizable uses of GIS technology is in the production of paper copy maps. This responsibility can vary from a simple map that takes a few minutes, like a property map, or one that requires many different versions, such as a Land Use or Open Space plan. GIS generates over 175 customized maps per year for internal departmental use.

Technology Consulting, Research and Transfer: We research technologies such as the application of high accuracy GPS technology and its implementation to enhance the efficiency of County workers. GIS/GPS training and education are also part of our responsibilities.

Project Management: The Department also provides project management and coordination for GIS related projects. Examples of these were the 2007/2008 Orthophotography update project and the Pictometry projects.


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