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Effective July 1, 2001, only UCC's with fixture will be filed in the local Register of Deeds Office. All other filings are filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office. For further information, you may reach this office at their website, http://www.sosnc.com, or via telephone at (919) 807-2111.

A UCC non-fixture is a security agreement on personal property that is recorded to protect the lender's, or secured party's, investment. In a security agreement, a loan of money is secured by personal property as collateral, thereby giving the lender rights in the property. All non-fixtures will be filed at the Secretary of State's Office only. The local Register of Deeds Office will only file fixture (real estate related) filing UCC's.

Effective July 1, 2001, all original UCC's and amended UCC's to be filed in North Carolina will be filed at the Secretary of State's Office in Raleigh, unless the UCC or amendment form indicates that the document is to be filed in the real estate records of the local filing office and meets all requirements of Revised Article 9.

Only financing statements or amendments whose collateral includes fixtures, timber to be cut, or as-extracted collateral should be filed in the local filing office.

Local filing offices will no longer perform searches on UCC's filed after June 30, 2001.

Local filings may be mailed to:
Register of Deeds
P. O. Box 3427
Greensboro, N.C. 27402
All other N.C. filings:
N.C. Secretary of State, UCC Division
P.O. Box 29626
Raleigh, N.C. 27626-0626

Additional information and National Standard Forms may be obtained from the N. C. Secreatary of State's website: http://www.sosnc.com

UCC Fees Effective July 15, 2003:
Filing fees for financing statement amendments, including terminations:
One or two pages $38.00

Three to ten pages $45.00

Over ten pages $45.00 plus $ 2.00
per page over ten

·1.00 per copy provided

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