development ordinance
fee schedules
staff reports
comprehensive plan
area plans
area plans
meeting scedules
meeting scedules
meeting scedules
meeting scedules
meeting scedules
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Permits & Inspections
Permit Card - Inspection List
Slab on Grade Bulletin
Inspection Instructions Bulletin
NC Building Codes & Regulations Bulletins
Townhouse/Condominium/Apartment/Commercial/Industrial Projects Bulletins
One and Two Family Residential Plan Requirements Bulletin
Contractors Temporary Heating
Workman's Compensation
Grading Permit Application/Financial Responsibility Form
Building and Environmental Health Permit Procedures
Stucco Guidelines Bulletin
Area Utility List Bulletin
Temporary Power Bulletin
Residential Plot Plan Requirements
Planning and Zoning
Is Your Address Displayed Correctly?new bulletin item
Legal Access to Subdivided Lots
Home Occupation / Day Care Bulletin
Zoning Vested Right Bulletin
Board of Adjustment Bulletin
NC ABC License Approval Bulletin
Site Plan Bulletin
Rural Family Occupation Bulletin
Landscaping Requirements Bulletin
Preliminary Plat and Final Plat Procedures
Family Care Homes Bulletin
Family Care Homes Maternal Care Bulletin
Nonconforming Situations Bulletin
Technical Review Committee Bulletin
The Guilford County Planning Board Bulletin
Home Occupation Bulletin
Procedures for Development Ordinance Enforcement
Bona Fide Farms Bulletin
Sureties Bulletin
Billboard Bulletin
Sign Permit Bulletin
Cellular Tower Placement Bulletin
Information You Need To Start A Business Bulletin
Accessory Dwelling Units Bulletin