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Guilford County Comprehensive Plan
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About the Comprehensive Plan

The Guilford County Comprehensive Plan is the guiding policy document for all land use and development-related initiatives in unincorporated Guilford County. The Board of County Commissioners adopted the Comprehensive Plan on September 21, 2006 with an effective date of October 1, 2006.

The Comprehensive Plan has five major elements: Future Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Governmental Coordination, and Natural, Historic, and Cultural Resources.

The Planning and Development Department has been actively working to implement Plan directives, including the consolidation of eight existing Area Land Use Plans into four new Quadrant Land Use Plans. For more information about Area Plans and the future Quadrant Plans, please click here


The Guilford County Comprehensive Plan

Guilford County's Comprehensive Plan is listed below in full and in sections.

Cover (page 1)
  PDF (14 KB)
Resolution (page 2)
  PDF (13 KB)
Acknowledgements (page 3)
  PDF (12 KB)
Table of Contents (page 4)
  PDF (12 KB)
Future Land Use Elements (page 5-8)
  PDF (22 KB)
Transportation Element (page 9-13)
  PDF (24 KB)
Housing Element (page 14-18)
  PDF (24 KB)
Governmental Coordination Element (page 19-21)
  PDF (18 KB)
Natural, Historic, and Cultural Resources Element (page 22-28)
  PDF (30 KB)
Attachment A (Residentail Rezoning Guidance Matrix) (page 29-31)
  PDF (20 KB)
Full Comprehensive Plan Document (31 pages)
  PDF (89 KB)