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Permitting & Construction  

The Guilford County Planning and Development Department is responsible for regulating development activity and land use within the unincorporated areas of the Guilford County, as well as several other jurisdictions. Building Permits for the jurisdictions of unincorporated Guilford County, Pleasant Garden, Stokesdale, Jamestown, Oak Ridge, Sedalia, Whitsett and Summerfield are obtained through the Permits Center in the Independence Center. A Development Clearance Certificate must be obtained from the towns of Jamestown, Oak Ridge, Sedalia, Whitsett and Summerfield prior to applying for any permit. Areas in unincorporated Guilford County, Pleasant Garden and Stokesdale do not need a Development Clearance Certificate in order to apply for a permit.

Please check the Guilford County Jurisdiction page for more information about each town.

Obtaining the necessary permits is the first step in ensuring your development activity is successful and legal.

Notice: Permits & Inspections Online Available
Permits & Inspections Online is now available. Schedule inspections, apply for permits, and pay online.
For access click here.

Construction Plans Section
Review of construction plans for certain classes of buildings and structures are performed by the Construction Plans Section. In addition, this section coordinates with the Emergency Services Department and the Health Department on fire and health aspects of the codes.

Permits Section
The Permits Section issues permits for all classes of work to include building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. This Section also records inspection requests, releases gas and power, and issues Certificates of Occupancy/Compliance.

Inspections Division
The Inspections Division has four sections: Building Inspections, Electrical Inspections, Mechanical/Plumbing Inspections and Soils Section. The Inspections Division is responsible for the enforcement of the North Carolina Building Codes and the Development Ordinance. Included are inspections of building construction, plumbing, heating and cooling equipment, and electrical connections.

You can schedule next day inspections by clicking on
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
or by calling us at 336-641-3707.

Guilford County's Planning and Development Department is proud to announce that electronic, speedy, in-house plan review service can be rendered using Brava/Accela software. When a house designer or a design professional submits electronic plans (CAD or PDF formats) via e-mail address prior to applying for a permit, the electronically submitted plans will be reviewed ahead of time; thus, by the time an applicant comes for a permit, plans will be already reviewed and approved per the State Building code for Residential and Commercial Construction and the permit can be readily issued pending Zoning, Environmental Health and Site Plan (if needed) Approval. Email plans to:
Change of Occupancy Upfit Permit
Interactive Voice Response
Monthly Permits Report
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