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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Easy Calorie Cuts

If you’re like me, last falls clothes are kinda snug!  I am suddenly feeling the need to take drastic steps to fit into them again.  But instead of going on a hunger strike, my more rational plan will be to eat a little less at every meal.
Allow me to share some down-to-earth strategies for shaving 100 calories from each meal, without missing a beat on taste or satisfaction.

Here’s how a 150 pound female can slash one pound of weight loss per week:  Let’s start by determining what it will take to MAINTAIN the 150 pounds.  If you walk 30 minutes per day and ingest 2250 calories per day, you will be in maintenance mode.  Now to lose at a reasonable rate, you must cut 500 calories per day.  This is easily attainable by simply eliminating 100 calories per meal (for a total of 300 calories) , and adding 30 extra minutes of exercise (the extra walking will burn 200 more calories).  

This total of  500 lost calories per day will translate into one pound of weight loss per week!  One of the messages from Public Health is “eat less and move more.”   Below are my tips for eating less and moving more.

Start by avoiding supersized portions.   My favorite nutritionist reminds us that huge plates and bowls invite us to fill them with oversized servings.  This guru of health behavior advises us to psychologically address this by using small bowls and plates so we won’t feel deprived.

Other tips I plan to use include:
1. Minimizing saturated fats and refined sugars in my diet.  This can add up to high calorie savings.
2. Limit my pasta servings to one cup rather than two.  This will eliminate 160 calories per meal.
3. On fast food night, I will eat two slices of pizza rather than three.   This will save up to 250 calories.
4. I will have fruit and low fat yogurt for breakfast rather than bacon, fried eggs, hash browns, and butter biscuits!  The reasons for this are obvious…..
5. Rather than juicy southern style meatloaf for dinner, I will enjoy lean grilled chicken breasts with steamed fresh vegetables and a tossed salad.  Yummy!
6. Since I swore off high sugar soft drinks several years ago, I will continue having 6 glasses of water daily, and will continue with unsweetened decaffeinated tea as my beverage of choice.  Coffee with low cal sweetener will be a welcome source of warmth when the weather begins to cool down!

Check with me in 8 weeks and ask whether I am successful in my plan to once again fit into last fall’s slacks!