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Guilford County Coalition on Infant Mortality and the Adopt-A-Mom Program


The Guilford County Coalition on Infant Mortality,was formed in 1991 as an initiative of the Women’s Health Division of the Guilford County Department of Public Health, with the goal to increase public awareness on infant mortality and to develop strategies to provide for more healthy birth outcomes.  This is a collaborative effort of people from the community who recognize this problem and work together to make a difference.  The Coalition’s motto is “Creating Futures, One Baby at a Time”.

What is infant mortality?

Infant Mortality is the death of a child born alive before their first birthday

About the Adopt-A-Mom Program:

The Adopt-A-Mom Program is sponsored by the Guilford County Coalition on Infant Mortality, and coordinates prenatal care for low to medium-risk pregnant women who are not eligible for Medicaid, and who also do not have private insurance to cover the cost of prenatal care. 

In 2006, the Adopt-A- Mom Program received national recognition, and was awarded the the Premier Cares Award  sponsored by the Monroe E. Trout Foundation. Since then, the program has been noted by Leading Healthy Communities (LHC) as a successful program case study that can be replicated to address healthcare access for pregnant women.  To see this case study, click on the following link:    http://www.leadinghealthycommunities.com/case-studies/19880001.jsp  

The following is a current list of participating OB/GYN practices in Guilford County who are committed to  equitable access to prenatal care for all women, and have agreed to provide prenatal care to Adopt-A-Mom Program participants:

Dr. Bernard Marshall (Greensboro)

Femina Women’s Center (Greensboro)

Wendover OB/GYN (Greensboro)

Cone Family Practice (Greensboro)

Dr. Dorn (High Point)

Some Adopt-A-Mom Program participants receive ultrasounds at a discounted rate through Duke Perinatal Consultants, and Southeastern Radiology.  Spectrum Laboratory and LapCorp provide labwork at a discounted rate for Adopt-A- Mom Participants. 

All of these providers help to make the Adopt-A-Mom Program a national success!  

Click here to see the Adopt-A-Mom Newsletter for news and information about our Adopt-A-Mom Program.  Click here to view the most current Adopt-A-Mom Program Interim Report Nov. ‘08

For more information on the causes of infant mortaltiy, low birthweight, and prematurity click on the following link:  Coalition Fact Sheet

Approximately one in eight babies are born too early.  Premature birth occurs when the baby is delivered earlier than 37 weeks gestation.  The combination of prematurity and low birth weight is the leading cause of infant mortality in North Carolina.  For more information, read our article on Prematurity.

Remember, there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption.  Information is available on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD).  Click here to view article: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 

The Guilford County Coalition on Infant Mortality is a nonprofit organization.  Below is a list of the Coalition’s current grant funders:

-Moses Cone Wesley Long Community Health Foundation

-Smart Start

-Joseph M. Bryan Foundation

-Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, Inc.

For more information on education and community involvement, please call Charmaine Purdum, Coordinator at 641-6775.

To apply to the Adopt-A-Mom Program, call Valeria Santolim, Patient Coordinator at 641-7513.

Additional contact, Cara Derounian, MPA, Case Manager at 641-3338.